Wednesday, 26 November 2014


I have two gorgeous Fat little Guinea pigs, both of them are our two little girly,
They are called Cuddles & snaffles they both love there food and love coming out in the morning to play in there little outside space, its just a little space out side there cage so they can go and run about its all indoors as if they were keep outside they would probably be eaten by a fox,

They get given hay everyday, with clean water and clean food, and I clean them out every week, Some times twice a week, as in the hot weather they can get a bit smelly, I love having them here as when the hubby out late doing music thing and Little Miss P in bed its nice having them making noises in the corner, as I hate it when the house is so quiet.

I love them to bits but I just hope people only gets pets if you can spend the time with them don't let them get lonely, As all our lovely pets need the love to.

Mrs P

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Marks and Spencer Ad

Two fairies go to work helping people sort out Christmas. One looks like a fairy that has done it before and the other one hasn't, so she's still learning.

I love this advert, it's fun and festive. You can see the clothes well and is overall very Christmasy. I like how the two fairies are different and the dresses they wear are lovely. I love the Limited Edition Fit & Flare Embelished Trim Dress. It's so cute and only £49.95, very nice. And the sexy bra ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH . I might just need to go and buy that in the Crimson colour.

There is not much to say about this ad, other than go and have a look and watch it, as I enjoyed it very much.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Photo Gallery - Being a Parent

This week is all about Being a Parent. Well, we could say so many things about being a parent... about how we are good parents and how we think we are bad parents.

The one thing that Little Miss P says is that I give the best hugs but especially in the morning. She says I feel like a hot water bottle and that's why I give the best hugs. Bless her saying that.

I had to put this photo up as for me being a parent is seeing that smile on her face everyday

We have a little rota in the morning. Mr P wakes up, gets ready and then makes me a cup of tea and brings it up to bed for me. Then he goes and gets Little Miss P and brings her in for a mummy hug. She is normally half asleep still so I have to slowly wake her up to get ready for school. By 8.10am we have to be out the door going to school. It works perfectly at the moment for us and thanks to the hubby for my tea in the morning as I would not able to function without it x

Mrs P

Here is her Youtube channel that she loves doing and smile
 everytime she dose and gets comments 

Monday, 17 November 2014

John Lewis advert

Yes it's that time of year again where we get all these lovely Christmas ads on the telly so I thought I would review a few of them. I did one last year on the John Lewis so I have put the link here...

So this year it's all about Monty the Penguin. It's a very sweet and awww kind of advert. 
This little boy and his Penguin always play together and have lots of fun together. They are best friends but then Monty sees two people holding hands in the park so Monty gets sad, and now all Monty wants is a girlfriend. So the little boy gets him his girlfriend, then the shot goes to two teddy bear Penguins, as it was all the boy's imagination. 

I do like the advert this year but the boy was using his imagination on his toy so the boy's imagination must have been based on finding a friend for himself, and thinking that mad me a little bit sad. But that may be me looking into things too much.

John Lewis has hit the jackpot this year with this as Monty has his own hashtag on twitter as well as all the thing that are on sale for him and his lady Penguin (I just found her name out and she is called Mabel).

They sell Face Cloths for £3.50, Cushions for £15 and Large Toys for £35 to Girls' Jumpers at £14 and most things in between. By the sound of it they are selling fast, even on ebay now for a Monty Teddy Bear at £53.00 and still going up. It's crazy but all I have to say is well done John Lewis as it has got people into their stores and when it comes down to it that's what they want.

I want to see John Lewis do a fun advert soon as all of them for the past few years have tugged at the heart strings.

Mrs P

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Photo Gallery #yellow

This week Photo Gallery is about the bright and light colour of yellow.

Its hard to think of something yellow when its so nasty outside, I was sorting out some of my clothes and came across this cute little yellow bag that I got last year,
It works really well with a cute black dress maybe for that Christmas party, it fits in all the thing you need,

Its from that well know shop Primark, there is only one down thing about it. And that's the zip kind of fell apart on me but it was only about £4

I have set up my own bloghop its all about your blast from the past them old blogpost, that you loved writing It happens every Thursdays, So pop back on Thursday and join in.

Mrs P

Our weekend of fun

Monday, 10 November 2014

On My Shelf

I have this one shelf in my room with a few little bits on, so
I thought I would show you what I have on it as I haven't done a Home and Interior blog for a while.

First up is the oil burner Little Miss P and I made. It was while we were in Center Parcs together so it has to take pride of place. I don't really use it, I should buy some tarts for it really. Maybe I'll pick some up this week while I think about it.

My cute little photo frame that Mr P got me to put a wedding photo in it. I love the frame it's just so cute. I think he got it from Clintons last year.

The 'Follow Your Heart' sign I don't have a clue where I got it from. I think it may be Next but can't really 100% say. I love the sign, it just says what I always say and believe in.

This Glitter photo frame I know is from DebenhamsIt's sparkly with a lovely black border from the Julien MacDonald range. I picked this up in the January sales this year and first saw it at my friend's house and fell in love with it. So I took her idea, sorry.

And this one is, well I don't need to say... I love Yankee Candles and this one is an Easter one that I haven't really used yet. It's Bunny Cake and smells like a light fluffy cake in a garden. I am really bad at saying how things smell, but it smells good.

Hope you enjoy this little blog post.

Mrs P

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Blast from the Past (Bloghop)

Hello and welcome to my 2nd Bloghop. I have got a little better at it now and have worked out how to do the layout I want and put a photo in, woohoo.
This bloghop is all about those old blog posts that you write.

 It could have been a week or three years ago, or even 10 years ago as long as you're proud of them. I feel like I have written some great blog posts but as they were when I first started, not many people got to see them. So now it's time to show them off. 

All I ask you to do is follow me on here and go around and read other people's posts. And to only show off one of your posts at a time and I will try to do this every week for you. Share the love to your fellow bloggers, go over and say hi. You never know, you may even make a new friend and find some other great blogs to read and to give you some inspiration.

Monday, 3 November 2014

School Trip

Hello everyone.

Little Miss P is on a school trip today to London to see the changing of the guards and all things to do with the Great Fire of London.

I did put my name down for me to join her on it but I didn't get picked. I am not surprised by it as it's always the same mums and dads that get to go, boohoo. I have written down who has gone on this trip, so if they all go next time I will be saying something as it's not fair on all the other mums and dads that want to go.

I at first said I didn't want Little Miss P to go as it's London and everything in the world that's going on at the moment. And do I really trust the teachers and the other mums and dads? I don't really know them and on the letter we got from the school it said what they would do in the morning and for the afternoon it just said going around London. Well thanks school for that filling update.

I said to the school once they know what they're doing for the afternoon I will then think about if I let her go. They said they will let me me know and guess what, they didn't. I had to go to them the day before the trip... I went in the morning to the office and got the person to ring me. She didn't so I had to go back after school and talk to someone again and that time I got a really nice person. She told me what's going on as she helped book it. If they had told me that first of all it would have been fine and so much easier.

The school needs to get itself into gear, I am not sure if I am going to write a letter to the school yet about it, but it really was bad communication and it shouldn't be that hard, should it?

That's my little rant over, sorry about that, I just needed to get it off my chest and see if anyone else has come across this.

Mrs P