Monday, 10 November 2014

On My Shelf

I have this one shelf in my room with a few little bits on, so
I thought I would show you what I have on it as I haven't done a Home and Interior blog for a while.

First up is the oil burner Little Miss P and I made. It was while we were in Center Parcs together so it has to take pride of place. I don't really use it, I should buy some tarts for it really. Maybe I'll pick some up this week while I think about it.

My cute little photo frame that Mr P got me to put a wedding photo in it. I love the frame it's just so cute. I think he got it from Clintons last year.

The 'Follow Your Heart' sign I don't have a clue where I got it from. I think it may be Next but can't really 100% say. I love the sign, it just says what I always say and believe in.

This Glitter photo frame I know is from DebenhamsIt's sparkly with a lovely black border from the Julien MacDonald range. I picked this up in the January sales this year and first saw it at my friend's house and fell in love with it. So I took her idea, sorry.

And this one is, well I don't need to say... I love Yankee Candles and this one is an Easter one that I haven't really used yet. It's Bunny Cake and smells like a light fluffy cake in a garden. I am really bad at saying how things smell, but it smells good.

Hope you enjoy this little blog post.

Mrs P


  1. Haha. I remember the candle in a jar from before. It's good to see what you treasure enough to put on display. Love, hand-made gifts and photos of loved ones.

  2. A lovely collection of meaningful things. I'm curious to what a bunny cake candle smells like x