Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Photo Gallery - Being a Parent

This week is all about Being a Parent. Well, we could say so many things about being a parent... about how we are good parents and how we think we are bad parents.

The one thing that Little Miss P says is that I give the best hugs but especially in the morning. She says I feel like a hot water bottle and that's why I give the best hugs. Bless her saying that.

I had to put this photo up as for me being a parent is seeing that smile on her face everyday

We have a little rota in the morning. Mr P wakes up, gets ready and then makes me a cup of tea and brings it up to bed for me. Then he goes and gets Little Miss P and brings her in for a mummy hug. She is normally half asleep still so I have to slowly wake her up to get ready for school. By 8.10am we have to be out the door going to school. It works perfectly at the moment for us and thanks to the hubby for my tea in the morning as I would not able to function without it x

Mrs P

Here is her Youtube channel that she loves doing and smile
 everytime she dose and gets comments 


  1. Mummy hugs in the morning are the best

  2. Aw I have to admit, hugs from my nieces and nephews on a recent visit was delightful in a morning, now I have to settle for cat cuddles instead x

  3. Carson seems to have outgrown hugs, but every now and then... he really makes up for it and we have cuddles in bed, or on the couch watching a movie. I love it!

  4. Aww that is so lovely. Hugs are the best x

  5. She looks like a little angel in that tutu! What a lovely way to wake up!

  6. What a lovely photo. Sounds like a lovely way to wake up :)

  7. A happy cuddle in the morning is definitely a perfect way to face the day.

  8. Yep, hugs are the best


  9. Aww she looks angelic, what a sweetheart. I love how she says you're like a hot water bottle-so sweet :) xx