Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Photo Gallery #yellow

This week Photo Gallery is about the bright and light colour of yellow.

Its hard to think of something yellow when its so nasty outside, I was sorting out some of my clothes and came across this cute little yellow bag that I got last year,
It works really well with a cute black dress maybe for that Christmas party, it fits in all the thing you need,

Its from that well know shop Primark, there is only one down thing about it. And that's the zip kind of fell apart on me but it was only about £4

I have set up my own bloghop its all about your blast from the past them old blogpost, that you loved writing It happens every Thursdays, So pop back on Thursday and join in.

Mrs P

Our weekend of fun


  1. I have a lovely yellow blouse/shirt i love to lounge around in and it really brightens a grey old day for me x

  2. That bag is lovely - I love the colour! And definitely a great way to brighten up miserable days x

    Telina | Love, Telina