Friday, 19 December 2014

Sainsbury's Ad #2

I really like the Sainsbury's advert. It all starts off on Christmas Eve 1914, in the middle of the war against the Germans. A guy gets a letter from his girlfriend with a photo of her and a chocolate bar, then he hears the Germans singing Silent Night and the Brit's joins in. In the morning the young man comes out of the trench with his hands up and a German does the same and they meet each other. They all start playing football and talking to each other, so for that day the Germans and Brits are friends. Then they hear a bomb in the background and they go their different ways. The Brit gives the German his coat with the chocolate still in the pocket. It's all so happy.

It's great as it is made in partnership with The Royal British Legion, inspired by real events from 100 years ago. I really hope something happened like that 100 years ago as it's just a nice feeling.

It has hit the hearts of everyone in the UK so a big well done Sainsbury's and I will be going to buy my chocolate from them.


Mrs P


  1. I know everyone is talking about this ad, I only found out about it through my teenage son telling me how awesome it was as they had been talking about it at college. Seems like Sainsbury's have even hit the younger population which is great.

  2. I love the ad and I did not understand the volume of criticism around it. It is so sweet and touching - plus I bought the chocolate ;-)