Monday, 8 December 2014

Winter Wonderland @ Center Parcs

First full day we had a few things planned. First up was a game of badminton / short tennis, and straight after badminton we went swimming and couldn't wait as I have been there since the new water slide was put in but hadn't been on it yet. This year I was determined to get on that ride and I did, and I loved it so much. It's so fun and I went on it about three times that day.

Little Miss P was being a bit of a moo while we were swimming as she just didn't want to let go of me. She was just scared that she was going to drown, even though she had a life jacket thingy on. I think I need to take her swimming more.

After swimming we went back to the villa to dry off and wash our hair as we had pottery later on that day. I love the pottery, it's so calming and the kids love it too, even though they don't go out and get the hot drinks any more. They used to go and get your Starbucks for you and that was great, but now they don't and they have taken away the Lego table that the kids go to when the kids get bored. They used to go to it so you still have time to finish your own painting off. So that was a little bit poo and they need to bring both of them back.

That evening we all went for a lovely meal for Grandad's 60th birthday as that's why we are all there to begin with. It was in Hucks and I love that restaurant. I love the kids buffet, it's so easy for them to go up and pick what they want and it's fun for them. Also Summer loves the play bit in the middle of the restaurant.

After the kids had a little dance in the disco. Then they were so tired so we didn't stay late and went back to the villa for a chill out and a sleep.

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Mrs P


  1. Well it sounds as though you had a great time and that there was something for everyone x

  2. Man I need to go there with my kiddoes.