Saturday, 27 December 2014

Working on 2015 blog posts

So I am sitting here watching George Clarke's Amazing Spaces with a pad next to me, laptop on my lap and a hot coco just on the side so I can just about reach it when I fancy a drink.

Left to right, me and my sister

I am wanting to get a little bit ahead of 2015 and start to think about what blog posts I am hoping to write. I'd like to get some ideas written down and maybe start to write a few.

I am planning to do more baking and cooking blogs like my peanut butter cookies that all my family love. A little bit less on Little Miss P as now she has her own one.. I will leave things for her blog, like all her outfit ones will be on there. Here is Little Miss P's link.

I might even get myself to do an OOTD. Just need to be brave and maybe do more home interiors.

One thing I do know is that I will be doing at least one book review every month, maybe more.

That's it for now, my eyes are getting tired and I better spend some time with the hubby.

Well I am going to take my blog to the next level and get it it's own web name, woohoo. And I will get the logo on the top of it. I want to make sure that I post at least once a week, every week and on the same day.

I am thinking about doing it every Monday & Wednesday each week and every so often have one on a Friday. And if I have a lot to say perhaps I will doing more.

Mrs P

Here is Little Miss P's youtube... please go and take look, she would like it if you do.


  1. Look forward to these, especially the recipes as we love baking in this house!! Happy 2015

  2. That's so organised, I need to do more of that as well :) Hope 2015 is another great year for you :) x
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