Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Photo Gallery: Play

I haven't done this over the last few weeks and I am glad I am back here as I enjoy doing the Photo Gallery blog hop. This week is all about play and as I have just got back from Devon seeing some of the family, Little Miss P has done lots of playing with her cousins. They are all older then her, one by only two years and the oldest is 21 years old. I thought that the older ones wouldn't
 want to play with her and one of them didn't as she had a cold, but all the others did. She played with the little two most, Flower Allen and Little Allen as they are closest to her age.

Even the Workout Allen had a good play with them and helped her out playing with the Wii. It was a lovely weekend and enjoyed by all.

Mrs P


  1. My brothers are 20 years older than me, my cousins are also around the same age gap too. But they always played with me whenever we saw them, usually out in the garden or if the weather was nice enough I would help tend to one of my cousin's horse. Some times age doesn't matter. :)

  2. Despite my brother and sister and I being grown up we still like to try and have 'play time' together, whether it be board games, or video games...

  3. I think the older ones enjoy the chance to 'get down' and play again for a while.