Monday, 26 January 2015

Things I would say to my teenage self.

When I was a teenager there were lots of different groups at school; the popular lot, brainiacs, etc... you get my drift. I was in the group of the non-popular - I had a good group of friends who I hung around with, but that's it. I wouldn't say that I enjoyed school, I felt like that I had to go to school as it was a requirement. I will go more into that on another blog post, as I am thinking about doing a little school series on here with a bit about when I was at school and a bit about Little Miss P's school, as I have a lot to say about her school now I see it through a mum's set of eyes.

There are so many things that I would say to my teenage self. I don't really know where to start as there are so many things, but I am going to say four of them for now.

1) The number one thing would be 'Don't care what people think of you'. There will always be bitches in the school who will just be mean for the fun of it because they have nothing better to do.

2) Just have fun and be a kid still while you can, because when you're older you will miss it.

3) Work hard at school and try and work out what you want to be when you're older. It will pay off when you're stuck in a job that you don't enjoy.

4) There is no point being sad, leave it behind you and carry on with what you love.

Mrs P

Little one's School Update


  1. This is a great post and agree with those you've chosen! I'd love to go back and tell myself so many things! x

  2. Lovely post and wise words of wisdom that only come through reflection, I would say much the same to my teen self and do now to my own teens, not that they listen! #sharewithme

  3. I feel EXACTLY this way! And they are words that I would say to myself too if I had a time machine and knew then what I know now. #sharewithme

  4. I totally agree, high school can be a horrible place and I hope I can prepare my children for what may come!

    1. So do I just hope it will all be ok in the end

    2. So do I just hope it will all be ok in the end

  5. Great words to your teenage self. I have so much I would shout at and scream at my teenage self as high school pretty much sucked for me. I hope my kids will have a better experience with it but for the most part I think it's a little crappy for us all why we go through identity and hormone chaos. lol Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  6. I actually loved school but there is some occasions which can be horrid at times, im dreading my daughter going, it seems to be less a scary situation for the boys x