Monday, 2 February 2015

My Monthly Goals

January Goals 
1) To film three YouTube videos, as it's a little promise to Little Miss P that I would do and keep up with it  Done
2) Get my blog its own web page... Will need a lot of from the hubby with it as he's the technical one in the family  Done
3)  Do Wii Fit every week day for 15mins Fail
4) To go on at least one Forest family walk  Done
5) To do at least one blog post a week, I should 100% be able to do this, as I have been doing that for the past year and for most of it have done it... I may have missed three weeks of it at some point.  Done
6) Drink less tea, I have so much tea it's crazy. I can drink up to 7 cups of tea a day and it's just not normal. So I am slowly going to cut down, one bit at a time. Improved (I am still drinking lots of tea and just can't help it).

February Goals
 1) Do a blog post every week, I should be able to do this again
2) Declutter the study, it's a mess really, need to do this, it's just so messy
3) Drink less tea - no more than 4 cups a day... I need to do this
4) Sort out my blogging header to finish it off
5) Do a weekly meal plan every week to save money and eat more healthily

Mrs P


  1. Well done on achieving some of your January goals and good luck for the Feb ones, I'm terrible when it comes to drinking tea and working out so know how hard they are ;)

  2. You have done really well! I drink too much tea too, I really need to cut back!

    1. The thing with the tea is that I enjoy drinking it its just the milk the milk I have to put with it.