Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Photo Gallery - Colour

It's that time of the week again; the Photo Gallery... and it's all about Colour.

As it's Half Term this week we are playing lots of games at home and doing lots of Lego, so what better then a bright and colourful photo of lots of lovely Lego.

As it's mainly been dull for the last few days here, we're at home working on our Maths and English and playing lots of games. As we are trying to save money I have been trying to work on things that cost a little or nothing at all. I think I have been doing well so far.

So that's my little post for today. I hope you like it and I'll see you all soon. x

Mrs P


  1. Pink lego! I've never seen that before! We like lego too in this house, although I don't think the boys would be so impressed with the pink stuff :)

    1. Yea it Lego friends the one for the girls my daughter loves it

  2. Hello there , Mrs.p , lovely post , it's great to know you are being thrifty and keeping your daughter busy with cute pink lego time! I loved the time when the kids lick their knives during the video and it made me lol! A humble suggestion , plz try n keep videos not more than 3 - 4minutes long - am not expert but guess attention spans are really short . xx Manjiri - sliceoffme

  3. My brother and sister absolutely love lego, I'd love to get some hands on the pink lego!! Great post. :)

  4. we have a house full of lego lovers, it's such a great way to keep the kids busy and help them develop much needed fine motor skills.... It's so colourful and fun too!

  5. Great take on the theme - lego is indeed very brightly coloured! x

  6. Lovely colours, we also love girly lego!

  7. We have spent today playing with LEGO. Love it. Very colourful.