Monday, 30 March 2015

Goodbye Telly...

All the show that I've been watching seem to have either ended until next season or have just stopped for good, boohoo.

Two of the shows are...

Waterloo Road - I have been watching this for a while, it's a show that the hubby and I watch together when we just need a bit of a chill out time in front of telly with a takeaway. We normally watch it on catch up, I don't think I have ever watched it on anything else.

Dragon's Den - It is coming back, woohoo, but they have lost Duncan Bannatyn, Piers Linney & Kelly Hoppen and have three new ones that I never heard of. They are Sarah Willingham, Nick Jenkins & Touker Suleyman. I think they should bring back Theo Paphitis and I think he and Peter Jones are the best two that have ever been in it.

New Tricks - I am really sad for this one, I love it but I can understand why it's not carrying on. Too many characters have left and they had to get new ones, and the new ones are good but not as good as the original ones, so I think a lot of people have just gone off it. I hope they bring something like this out again.

That's it for now guys, if you know of any more good telly that we can watch please let us know!

Mrs P


  1. I haven't seen Dragon's Den in years are they still sitting there being smug and rich and barely committing to anything? :p

  2. I LOVE Waterloo road! I've watched it from the beginning! I work in a school though so find it cringey at times but I can't miss an episode!

  3. I used to watch Waterloo Road years ago, but then the characters keep changing and I couldn't keep up. Personally most of the TV I watch is now on Netflix - don't tend to watch on 'normal TV' haha x