Monday, 2 March 2015

March Goals

February Goals
 1) Do a blog post every week, I should be able to do this again
2) Declutter the study, it's a mess really, need to do this, it's just so messy Done
3Drink less tea - no more than 4 cups a day Done

4) Sort out my blogging header to finish it off Fail
5) Do a weekly meal plan every week to save money and eat more healthily Done 

March Goals

1) Write a book review and film review for this blog and YouTube
2) Try cooking something new.
3) Start to sort out my website over at
4) To get 25 on my little youtube channel
5) Sell two thing from the Summer Minnie website 


  1. Good luck with your goals!! It's always handy to have something to work towards :)

    Helen - #UKbloggers

  2. Best of luck with your goals this month! #UKbloggers

  3. You did a great job in February and I know you will in March, too!

  4. It looks like you did pretty well in February, and I'm sure March will be successful. Thanks for joining us!