Monday, 9 March 2015

Mummy 50th @ Aqua Shard

My Mummy and I 

Hello my lovelies.
It was my mummy's 50th Birthday on 25th February so we had to do something a little bit special. My sister came up with breakfast at the Shard at 10am, so I could get back to get little one from school and so that my Auntie and Nanna could make it home without being stuck in theRush hour. Also my Stepdad was taking her out for dinner that night.

The Aqua Shard is located on level 31, so only about halfway up the Shard. But what amazing views you get over London. At first it was very overcast so the view was OK but not great, but as the breakfast went on the sun started to come out and the views over London got better and better. The lift going up and down felt a little but like the tower of terror at Disney with the speed it goes, but that is fun. I think it is anyway, lol.

The food was lovely. I got myself a cup of tea that really just tasted like any other cup of tea and my Mum, Nanna and Cousin got some orange juice, they said it was really lovely. I ordered a Sausage Sandwich as it said sandwich and I thought it would be nice bread, but it was in fact a ciabatta roll and a little bit messy to eat. Me trying to be a little posh went right out of the window after that as I had to use my hands. My Mum got poached eggs on toast I think but when she was halfway through she found a nice long Black/Brown hair in it. I know mistakes happen and we were fine with that, but no one said sorry until the very end of our meal (but I will go onto that in a min). I also got a Pain au Chocolat and that was really nice, nice and warm and it was just perfect really.

Staff & Atmosphere
The staff, well they were OK. I know it's a high class restaurant and they have to be to a standard but the staff and the manager don't even crack a smile. When my Mum found a hair in her food they should have asked if she wanted a different dish or the same dish again as some people would have been really turned off by it. Lucky for them my Mum wasn't and they are also lucky they didn't get my Sister or my Auntie. The manager should have been straight over to say sorry about it. but he just walked past and said nothing until the very end. But in the cocktail bar the staff were completely different, they where lovely, friendly and gave great service, even though there is just a rope between them and the others... a little crazy the difference from one to the other.

Mrs P


  1. That is a very lovely idea, taking your mum out for breakfast for her birthday. Not so good about the restaurant though, I would have thought they would bend over backwards for the customers satisfaction if a hair was found in food!

    Rachel xx

  2. Lovely idea looks like you had a great day, lovely picture.