Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Photo Gallery - Black and White

So it's all about Black and White this week. I could have picked to do the dress everyone else is talking about... is it black and blue or white and gold. Well the world now knows it's blue and white, woohoo.

I love taking black and white photos, sometimes they just look better than colour ones. I think my mum likes them as she said she always looks better in them, bless her. I find this photo really funny as Master Hill has his grumpy face on and Little Moo flacky looks likes she's about to sneeze. Little Miss P has the most cheesy smile going on but that's just her all over and Miss Henderson's doing her best Essex pose as I call it. This was taken a few days ago at my mummy's birthday meal for her 50th. She wanted one with all the Grandkids in. As we've not all been together that much it was the best opportunity to go ahead and get one.

Mrs P

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  1. Love a black and white photograph - just so classy.

  2. I like B&W photography too and I should really take more black and white pictures

  3. Lovely photograph. This week's 'theme' has been wonderful as an exercise and with regards the various images everyone has posted.

    1. Yep they are going over to have a look at every ones now x