Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Photo Gallery - Boys

Little Hill

I don't have much to do with boy but I have three main boys in my life that I love to bits. First one is my hubby who does everything for me and Little Miss P, who works his ass off for us and helps Little Miss P with music and playing the piano. I love watching them do that together, it's so sweet. 

The other two little boys are my nephews Master Hill and Little Hill. They are both full of life and a little crazy but that just runs in the family I think. It has been the boys' birthday over the last week and they had so much fun at their party so I thought I would just show you some photos of them looking cute. 

 There were so many people at their party and they got so many lovely gifts. I think my sister is finding it hard to fit them all in her house, bless her x

Mrs P

come and watch my  video of a fall on weekend of dance Competition 


  1. Such cute little superheros, maybe I'm too used to my boys now but I'm much more a fan of superheros than princesses!

  2. aw such cuties and wonderful memories caught

  3. Lovely boys!

  4. I love those crayon candles so much. Do you know where they came from?

    1. I think my mum said she got them from Tesco but I will find out for you x

  5. There are only boys in our family - mine and my nephews - lots of fun x

  6. Aww that's lovely. Great collection of photos x