Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Photo Gallery - Mothers

It's that time again where we are doing the photo Gallery blog hop, and as it's Mother's Day coming up they have picked Mothers.

So here is a lovely photo of my Mummy and Me when it was her 50th Birthday a few weeks ago. My Mum means the world to me, she has always been there for me and my sister and would do anything to help us out. Even though sometimes it could get very annoying when we get a phone call every single day, but if I don't get a phone call now I think something's up.

I don't live far from my Mum so I see her at least once a week at the weekend and she loves taking Little Miss P to Horse Riding every two weeks. I love the fact Little Miss P is so close to her Nanny, she asks quite a lot to go and stay there the night at the weekend.

They say that a good Mum gets promoted to a Nanny and here are some of her Grandkids giving Nanny her main birthday gift... a trip with them to Disneyland Paris.

Mrs P

Here is little one's YouTube video... please go and check it out, it's free x


  1. So lovely that they're close - physically and emotionally - to their Nanny! My kids definitely benefit from that too. x

    1. I think they do and my mum loves having them round x

  2. A lovely post, I agree, its always the best mums to be promoted to nanna :-)

  3. Such a lovely little post hun :) xx