Friday, 24 April 2015

Helping Summer with KS1

Little Miss P has her #KS1 Test coming up in May. So I have been working with her on some of the things that she said she would like to work on.

Mainly she said she wants to work on her maths and the teachers at parents evening said I should help her work on her spelling as she was falling a little bit behind on it. So I bought a few books from WHSmiths and Waterstones to help her and to help me work out what she needs to work on. I have also printed some things off Pintrest and have just been looking online finding things that I think can help me and her.

It's been a few weeks since I last wrote the top bit and we have been going full steam ahead with the maths. She knows her three times table really well now and we are working on the fours. She's really got the hang of division too, So she's doing really well and over the Easter Holiday we be going onto English and working a bit more on that with her.

I think as long as you help them out a bit each week I they will be OK. I always say to Little Miss P as long as you try your best that's all I ask for, even if she gets all of them wrong, I don't mind.

Mrs P

Here is a little weekly vlog if you fancy taking a look

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Photo Gallery - Colour

So this week is about Colour.

I had to think about this one as I wasn't too sure what to take a photo of but then I looked at what I got while I was shopping the other day. And it just so happened that I bought some very colourful things, so here is what I got in Clintons when they had 75% off stationery.

This photo doesn't really do it justice and doesn't really show how bright the colours are, but let's talk about what's in this photo. First up is this Jonathan Adler Sticky Note pack, and behind them are two note pads, they are really sweet and cute and I just love them. I did buy them to put away for a gift or something but I may use them myself as they are so cute.

Keep an eye out as I will be doing a big haul soon.

Mrs P

Here is little one doing a book review over on her YouTube x

Monday, 20 April 2015

Birds Eye - Wholegrain Fish Finger

Hello all, I thought that I might start doing a weekly food review on something that we have eaten over the previous week.

I received some vouchers the other day for £1 off the new Birds Eye Wholegrain Fish Fingers so I thought why not let's give them a go. So on our weekly shopping trip to Tesco I picked them up, they were £2.50 for 12 Fish Fingers. So with my voucher I picked them up for £1.50.

When Mr P and I have our fish and chips we normally do Little Miss P fish fingers, so she had these. We didn't tell her that they are different from the normal ones we gives her until she had eaten all of them. And she did, she demolished them as soon as they were on her plate even before the beans and chips and that means she really enjoyed them. She said she couldn't tell the difference between her normal ones and these ones. As these are better for you I thought they might taste a bit weird for her as that is what she normally says about different food she tries for the first time.

As you can see all the fish fingers went first 

I will be picking these up again as she seemed to really enjoy them and that's what counts for me. I hope they have them on some sort of special offer soon, just to bring my shopping bill down a bit.

Mrs P

Come along and see what we got up to on our lazy day at home.

Monday, 13 April 2015

A Fun Easter

Easter has been full of fun. Little Miss P has only had one week off so far and has her 2nd week off coming up. This week Mr P has been off so we've been doing lots of family things. On Sunday 5th we had my niece's birthday party at my mum's house. It was really only family that came over but I enjoyed it and so did Little Miss P.

We also went to see Mr P's family in Peterborough and had a lovely lunch at his sister's house. Then we stayed at his mum and dad's house that night and all did a little bit of shopping the next day. I got myself a new pen, woohoo.

We've been doing a bit of gardening as well. I don't think we meant to as much as we have done and it was only meant to dig up the flower bed and lay some grass, but now we are thinking about decking it. Ok we will be decking it now and thinking about it, it will look lovely once it is one. 

We also had a lovely day over at our local county park where we had a picnic and Little Miss P had a donkey ride and of course she loved it. I also loved just sitting there in the sun and enjoying seeing Little Miss P have some fun.

As Mr P is back to work on Monday it's just going to be me and Little Miss P. We will let you know what we get up to.

Mrs P

What we've been up to this week
Why not take a look, it's free you know x

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dear So and So

I have done this once before where you write a little note to someone on here. I will just start it so you get the idea of what this is about.

Dear Little Miss P 
I am not sure how many times I have asked you to pick your clothes up off the floor and put them in the wash basket, but please try and do this, it would make life a lot easier.

Dear Hobby Craft 
When I ask your staff where is the blackboard paint it would be nice of them to take me to the shelf it's on as I had already looked there and couldn't find it. I don't really like it when a finger just points in the vague direction.

Dear Little Miss P's school
I love it that you have given her harder spellings to try but they are very hard compared to what she's used to. Is there a reason to this? I am not too sure but it would be nice to know.

Dear Me
Come on, I know that you don't have to be motivated all the time but you need to motivated some of the time. What's going on, get your butt into gear and keep dreaming even if people bring you down.

That's how to do a Dear So and So. I found this on someone else's blog when I first started out, not sure who now. But it's a fun way to get out what your feeling or what's been annoying you or it could just be a fun little blog post.

Mrs P

Monday, 6 April 2015

April Goals

So March is over and it's April, woohoo. It's going so quick I feel like I say that every year, oh well. Here is how I did in March and this is what I hope to do in April...

March Goals

1) Write a book review and film review for this blog and YouTube Part done
2) Try cooking something new.
3) Start to sort out my website over at
4) To get 25 on my little YouTube channel
5) Sell two things from the Summer Minnie website  

April Goals

1) Film a book Review
2) Need to do my blog header
3) Sell two things on Summer Minnie
4) To get 40 on my YouTube channel 
5) Try cooking something new

Mrs P

I made a DIY kids rewards chart for Summer, so go and have a lovely look, it's free x

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Photo Gallery - Girls

I have one main girly in my life and if you read my blog already you will who she is and that's Little Miss P aka Summer. She was brought into this world earlier than we expected but I am glad she did, I think my life would be boring if I didn't have her.
    She is a really good girl and most of the time she dose do what I arks her to do, But not all the time but all I have to do is give her a look and she know I mean what I am saying. 

Now she's at the age of six she has a great character and wants to be Little Miss Independent with getting herself ready for school before the hubby and I have even woken up. She doesn't want to hold my hand that much anymore and has even grown out of having Mummy cuddles in the morning (I miss them).

That's my little Girly and I love her to the stars and back. I can't wait to see how she grows up over the next few years.

Mrs P