Monday, 6 April 2015

April Goals

So March is over and it's April, woohoo. It's going so quick I feel like I say that every year, oh well. Here is how I did in March and this is what I hope to do in April...

March Goals

1) Write a book review and film review for this blog and YouTube Part done
2) Try cooking something new.
3) Start to sort out my website over at
4) To get 25 on my little YouTube channel
5) Sell two things from the Summer Minnie website  

April Goals

1) Film a book Review
2) Need to do my blog header
3) Sell two things on Summer Minnie
4) To get 40 on my YouTube channel 
5) Try cooking something new

Mrs P

I made a DIY kids rewards chart for Summer, so go and have a lovely look, it's free x

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