Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dear So and So

I have done this once before where you write a little note to someone on here. I will just start it so you get the idea of what this is about.

Dear Little Miss P 
I am not sure how many times I have asked you to pick your clothes up off the floor and put them in the wash basket, but please try and do this, it would make life a lot easier.

Dear Hobby Craft 
When I ask your staff where is the blackboard paint it would be nice of them to take me to the shelf it's on as I had already looked there and couldn't find it. I don't really like it when a finger just points in the vague direction.

Dear Little Miss P's school
I love it that you have given her harder spellings to try but they are very hard compared to what she's used to. Is there a reason to this? I am not too sure but it would be nice to know.

Dear Me
Come on, I know that you don't have to be motivated all the time but you need to motivated some of the time. What's going on, get your butt into gear and keep dreaming even if people bring you down.

That's how to do a Dear So and So. I found this on someone else's blog when I first started out, not sure who now. But it's a fun way to get out what your feeling or what's been annoying you or it could just be a fun little blog post.

Mrs P


  1. Love this post, it gets all your frustrations out lol. I think I may do this on my blog too :)

  2. I too like this idea, and from my walk in the park this morning I would like to add...
    Dear fellow walker when I smile and say good morning do not blank me and ignore me it is rude. A smile back would of sufficed :)

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  3. OOh that winds me right up too when in a shop, I can't find something and the store staff just point in a general direction x

  4. That annoys me when store staff aren't very helpful

  5. Fabulous, thansk for linking up. I've added a blog badge to my post now (I forgot doh) so if you want to add it in so others can all find the lnky then please do but no pressure.

    I love the fact you are using ~DearSoandSo as a way to let off steam, great idea. Mich x

  6. It is a great way of getting stuff out of your head isn't it. Love it and so happy to participate. Off to watch your video now x

  7. I like getting things out there with with this link up too, I get you! Our daughters are alike mine still has a floordrobe as I call it...