Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Photo Gallery - Girls

I have one main girly in my life and if you read my blog already you will who she is and that's Little Miss P aka Summer. She was brought into this world earlier than we expected but I am glad she did, I think my life would be boring if I didn't have her.
    She is a really good girl and most of the time she dose do what I arks her to do, But not all the time but all I have to do is give her a look and she know I mean what I am saying. 

Now she's at the age of six she has a great character and wants to be Little Miss Independent with getting herself ready for school before the hubby and I have even woken up. She doesn't want to hold my hand that much anymore and has even grown out of having Mummy cuddles in the morning (I miss them).

That's my little Girly and I love her to the stars and back. I can't wait to see how she grows up over the next few years.

Mrs P


  1. My friends and I were commenting how we all had lovely, feisty, independent daughters too - now I wonder where they get it from............ x

  2. She is a lovely little girl, my little boy came 7 weeks early too, they are just so precious.


  3. What cute photos! It's lovely to look back at old photos. They really do grow up so quickly!

  4. I have a girl too (and a boy) it seems like only yesterday they were toddling round the house, now they are 15 and 11