Monday, 4 May 2015

On the way to Disneyland Paris

Hello this is a little blog post about our trip on the Euro star to a little place called Disneyland Paris. 

we stared of very early on the 18th April as we had to get to St Pancras for the train and we have to get there an hour early to get thought passport control ect.  I was meeting my mum and sister at my mummy house. and the hubby took us and on the way we went via Mcds to get breakfast yummy.

It was so easy going once we got thought check in. We sat down and got our self's a drink and a few mags before having to board the train.

Once on the train and find our sits it was time to get the kids colouring thing out and set up the ipad with the films on, Little watching Moster High while Mr Hill watched How to train your dragon. They where all very good on the train. but after two hours they did get board and wanted to start moving around so I took them to buffer cart for a drink and scratched my own legs, 

We got to Marine La Vallee satiation  all in one peace and the kids were still really happy when It was time to get off.

As we payed for the Disney express we got all out tickets on the train. and just had to hand in our bags and the Disney Express check inn for them to pass on to our hotel so that we can go and join in the fun straight away, And as we aint there for long  we wanted to make sure we made the most of it.

Come back for more Disney Fun soon,

Mrs P 

Here is a little video of what I packed in my bag. 


  1. Nice story but I want some more opinion on what it was like! Good service? Easy to travel with children?

  2. The jealously, I'd love to go! :) I hope you enjoyed it and what did you find diffcult about travelling? x