Wednesday, 6 May 2015

One Day in May

One Day in May.
Well it happens to be 4th May, so may the force be with you. I had to get that in, didn't I. This week's photo gallery is all about one day in May so as today's the day I saw it, I just thought I'll blog about my day.

Little Miss P stayed at my mum's last night so we had the evening to ourselves. I thought I would have had a bit more of a lie in but hey ho I did stay in bed until 10am and the hubby brought me up a cup of tea (thank you hubby).

At this moment in time I'm sitting in the conservatory with Little Miss P doing her English homework with her. She has to write about her favourite film character or book character and she picked Scooby-Doo. She loves Scooby Doo and I don't mind watching it either. I think my step sister Jayne actually got her into it because my niece loves it too.

Our friend Andy is over at the moment, he is helping us knock the shed down because it's about to fall down and knocking it down is more fun.
Andy is a really close friend of the family, he was actually the hubby's best man for our wedding and we haven't seen for a long time so it was nice to see him.

It's barbecue time and as some of the shed is down we have it set alight in our fire pit. We might as well make use of the wood instead of putting it into landfill and it's keeping us nice and warm. The boys have steak on the barbecue and a few sausages. Little Miss P and I have leftover lasagne from the other day and a few sausages of course.

It's bedtime now and it's been a fun-filled day and actually a little bit of hard work into it. Obviously the shed was hard work but I suppose it saves me money instead of going to the gym. The whole day whilst I've been in the conservatory there have been two tiny little birds hovering around outside looking for worms. They have been quite sweet.

Round up of the day
I feel like it's been a productive day today with finishing off Little Miss P's homework and doing her spellings (she knows all of them), as well as sorting out some of the shed. Getting that sorted and putting it into the fire gets us ready for the next stage of our little garden projects in time for the summer barbecue at the beginning of August.

Mrs P

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  1. Sounds like a lovely mix of chilling and getting things done - perfect!

  2. Sounds like a great day - a lie in AND fire! :) :Loving that fire pit!

  3. Oh wow what a lovely fun filled day finished off with a BBQ - couldn't ask for a better way to enjoy spring

    Laura x

  4. What a lovely sounding day. What a great picture. #thegallery

  5. I like those kind of days when there's a feeling of accomplishing something, whilst having fun :)