Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Photo Gallery - Landscape

At the moment we are doing a bit of landscaping to our garden getting rid of lots of earth to make it more flat as our garden is on a hill, We are also going to put some decking down outside of the Conservatory just so we can use it a lot more in the winter as that bit at the bottom of the garden normally gets all soggy and you just can't walk on it as you might lose your shoes.

  We have done pretty well so far, when I say we I mean the hubby has done pretty well so far. He was out there for two days straight and it was kind of easy to get up first as it had been raining quite a lot for few months, so the earth was quite soggy still.

We have also taken down the shed because if we didn't take it down now it would have fallen down in a few months anyway. It was in that bad of a condition and had been used for about 20 to 25 years, so had done its time. We really need to hire a skip now and a few men to move all the earth for us into the skip, along with some of the shed that we just haven't burnt yet. This project will take some time and we are hoping to get it done by August so we can have our annual barbecue that we do every year for our birthdays.

Mrs P

Here is little video of what's been going on in the past week x


  1. This looks like a good project to get stuck into, we probably need to do the same at some point as our garden slopes upwards. Good luck with the rest X #TheGallery - Boo & Maddie X

  2. It's going to look lovely! I need to pay attention to my garden but it's a big overhaul job that is just sitting around waiting to be tackled like so many others.
    Can't wait to see yours finished.

  3. This looks very exciting although I know the pain of getting the work done and living with the mess is hard. Hopefully you'll have it exactly how you want it when the warmer weather arrives!

  4. Aww what fun, you will get there, I am just starting to get into gardening a bit, but the weather has been awful. Hugs #thegallery