Thursday, 14 May 2015

She's having a growth spurt

I love my Little Miss P and in the last few weeks she has had a growth spurt. She puts on her jumpers and the arms are too short with her little belly poking out. It's so sweet but it's scary at the same time.

I need a date with her just trying on all her clothes so I can take out the ones that are too short in the legs, arms and tummy or just have stains on them and then see how much she has at the end of it. I don't think that she will have much left. Most of her leggings you see her socks poking out. Her school cardigan has her arms poking out and sometimes it's hard to find her school colour; it's royal blue but not all shops do that colour.

One thing I've been lucky about is that her feet haven't been growing that much, so all her shoes including school shoes and dancing shoes she's fine with. I may need to give in and buy her some school shoes soon though as they are looking a bit old and tatty. But I'm trying to hold out until
 September for the new pair.

We have bought her a new summer dress this week, well it's ordered from Next anyway and should be able to pick it up next week. Also two new cheap skirts from Asda so she can just put them on when she gets home after school in the summer.

It is really scary seeing her grow up so much at the moment. Personality-wise it doesn't seem as fast as she still likes to be my little baby sometimes (I actually love that). But she is being more independent in herself, like going up to the till in the shops and paying for her own things, granted with my money but staying on her own (I am of course only a few steps behind her).

As long as I always keep getting my hugs and always lets me kiss her at nighttime and morning then I'm happy with it. All I hope is that she doesn't grow up too fast and enjoys being a kid for as long as she can, because being a grown up is not all it's cracked up to be.

Mrs P


  1. Aw she sounds like such a sweet little thing, they do however seemingly go from baby to teen so quickly x

  2. Sounds like a such a huge change in both of your lives, time goes by waaay too quickly but at least for now she's still a little sweetie :) x