Friday, 12 June 2015

Here is a little story

So here is a little story 

It all started off with Little Miss P. She does lots of after-school activities, she does drama, dancing and horse riding. Drama's £5, dancing is £10 and horse riding she does every two weeks because it is £25 a time, so that adds up to about £110 in a month, that's not including competitions, new uniform, new shoes or anything like that... this is just the lessons.

The husband and I have had a conversation about it recently and we said that she's got to start thinking about quitting one of them because it's too much, as well it is a lot of money and she is six years old... come on now, it's just crazy how much we spend on her, especially if I want to save up for the big Disney trip to Florida.

So I had a conversation with her the other day about it all, I said she needs to start thinking about quitting one of them or get herself a job (I said that jokingly to her but she took me seriously and said she wanted a job, my thought when she said that was 'Oh dear, what have I got myself into!').

So while she was at school I got online and just had a look at what she can do to get the money as she's only six years old so she can't actually get a job yet. So I started looking at something that I could do with her but where all the money she makes goes towards her dancing, drama & horse riding. I came across Avon. I know a few people that have done this in the past just to get a bit of extra money on the side, so I looked into it and signed myself up.

It's something that Little Miss P can do with me and she will start understanding about money more and that it actually doesn't grow on trees like some people say, and it's not just about going to ask Nanny and Granddad for it instead. I think she's just lost a bit of reality of how much everything costs.

I will do a proper Avon blog post about what's going on with that in a different blog post, I just thought this would be a nice catch up blog post.

I'll see you all soon everyone, hope life is treating you well and that your children are treating it with respect.

Mrs P

Clintons Haul

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  1. It's good to teach children that money doesn't grow on trees!