Friday, 24 July 2015

An Ill Little Miss P

Over the last few days Little Miss P has been ill. At first Little Miss P just woke up with a small temperature.
I asked if she wanted to go to school as she was going on a school trip to the local forest and she said yes. As I was going to go with them I thought that would be OK so I could keep an eye on her as well as the other kids. But once we got to the forest I put out a rug that I took with us and she just sat on it and didn't move, the only time she moved was to come and stand with me. Luckily we were only there for the morning. At 11.30 the kids sat down and had lunch and had been asking when Lunch was since 10.30.

On the way back to school Little Miss P started crying saying that she can't walk anymore and really needs to sleep and sit down. I was trying to keep her spirits up by saying we are nearly back at school. Once we got back to school we decided to go home and have a cuddle together. The teacher was fine with me taking her home... we even had to wait in the school for 15 mins before we could walk home as she just kept saying she couldn't do it. We had a teacher say did we need a cab but we only live 10 mins down the road so I said no thank you, we with can walk it.

Once at home she sat on the sofa and fell asleep before taking her shoes and clothes off. I did wake her up to get her upstairs and take her temperature and it was 39.7 degrees. So I stuck the fan on her as last time this happened the doc said to get her as cool as you can, even if she is saying she is cold.

That day and night all she did was sleep and cry, I was going to give it 24 hours before taking her to the docs but the next morning she was OK like nothing had happened. I still didn't take her to school as she had not eaten any food yet. By 4pm she had some food, only a bowl of pasta but that's the best food for her in the world.

She is now back to her happy little self, and I love seeing her like that.

Mrs P

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  1. Aw no it's such a shame she didn't get to enjoy the forest trip, but I'm so glad she's feeling loads better now! Pasta is always great, even more so when you've not eaten properly for a day! x

    Stephanie |