Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Avon Update

This is my third campaign doing Avon and what do I think of it so far. Well, the products I think are actually okay and the price is actually quite a lot cheaper than I first thought Avon was. The bubble bath I have to say is really good but especially the new mango one, oh my it smells lovely and we go through bubble bath quite a lot in this house especially when little Miss P has a bath she has to have loads of  bubbles... what little girl wouldn't like a bath full of bubbles!

I have a few regular customers, one of them is my neighbour a few doors down, the rest of my family and a few of Mr P's workmates. I'm going to be asking a few more people if they want to order anything as down my road I have 36 houses so at least one more person might (all I can do is try).

So far it has been quite simple getting the stock delivered even though I think I must be the first one on the driving list as the delivery guy turns up at 7am on the dot. It's great because it means I can get on with the rest of my day but it means having to be up at about 6.45am and wait for him, when I'm not usually awake at the time in the morning.

This is the first time I will be trying to take something back to Avon this week because one of my neighbour's jeans didn't fit around her feet so she's ordered the next size up (I hope they fit).

I think I have been OK at doing it but I will be doing it every other campaign as I think doing every three weeks is a bit much.

Mrs P

Here is a video of what I bought for Little Miss P's party x

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