Friday, 3 July 2015

It's already starting

So it's already starting, Summer has a few friends at school. Some of them seem really lovely but there's a few that you can just tell will probably be the bullies when they are older.
They like to be the one in charge, the bossy one, the one that is craving attention all the time and telling other kids they don't want them playing their game... even taking over of the game someone else has created.

I know that children are just learning, just trying to find where they fit in and how to act, but come on now they are about to go into year 3 in September, they should know that acting like this is mean and not how to get friends.

Sometimes I think it starts at home with the Mum and Dad. If they don't get told it's wrong then how do they know? Sometimes  I think the kids just need to have it given back to them to realise that they are doing it and Little Miss P did stand up for herself recently, so I was so proud of her.

She turned around and said, 'Well if  you're going to be mean to me then stop talking me'. Go Little Lady :-) At her age I couldn't do that but I have said to her that she's got to stand up for herself and not get upset by people being like that.

That's my little rant over for now, thanks for reading x

Mrs P

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