Friday, 17 July 2015

Party Goodies

Its thats time of year where we have our annual barbecue for Summer's birthday, my birthday and for Mr P's birthday. Little Miss P's is on 3rd August, mine is on 5th August and Mr P's is on 21st September. We are in the process of doing up the garden for it as it does need a bit of work doing to it but I have been buying some party stuff as well and this blog post is all about it to show you what I bought.

I went to two shops one of them is called Party Delights, which is the new shop in my little local shopping centre Romford. And I went to Clintons. First I got two sets of balloons, a pack of six that has the number seven on it due to Little Miss P's birthday and another pack of balloons with bright colours and dots on them. I kind of got them more for me than Little Miss P, hehe.  If I remember correctly the balloons were from Clintons and were £2.99 for each packet.

From Party Delights we picked up some Party Bags, invitation party hats and in that range they also had a cake decorating kit so I picked that up as well. Altogether I think I spent about £7 in Party Deilghts.

I'm glad that I finally got a few bits. I really need to get the invitations as Little Miss P only has a week left at school and she needs to hand them out. Last year I let her invite all her class but this year I've made it eight people only because it was a tiny bit crazy last year.
I will be buying some more things and when I do I will show you and of course I will show you some photos from the party. Looking forward to it!

Mrs P

Here is my Little Miss P doing a video about her Party Haul, hope you enjoy it x

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  1. We have a glut of summer birthdays too - my eldest turns 7 early August, and my youngest turns 5 mid-September. I still haven't decided whether to go for a small celebration each or a bigger combined party. Guess I'd better make a decision soon though!!!!

    Thanks for joining in with Blow Your Own Blog-Horn, and I hope the party goes well. :) xx