Sunday, 30 August 2015

2016 Planning

Yep, I'm talking about 2016 already. And I'm a little bit crazy doing this but we got some exciting things happening in 2016 that I can't wait for. It does mean that I have to be a tight arse from now on though, lol. 

So the news is that we have booked a two week holiday, one week in Canada and one week in the USA. Don't want to give too many details why because one of them is a surprise for Little Miss P and I don't really wanna give away when I will not be in my house just for security reasons.

The first thing will be to see our family. We have a nephew out there and he has a child with his other half. We haven't seen them in ages I think it'll be about three years that we haven't seen them for and as he is trying to get a Visa out there at the moment he can't leave there for another two years. So altogether it will be four years that we wouldn't be able to see anyone as he can't leave Canada, so we thought that we would pop over and see him.

We've always thought about going to that part of the world and the USA to see and experience it so we thought this was the great opportunity to do them both. It will be a lot of work and we will be absolutely knackered afterwards but sometimes I think you've just got do something like this in life.

We have booked most things through different companies as that's the way it worked out the cheapest (more detail to come on that). I think that was the best deal we could find at the time and I am pretty happy with it.

We still have a few things that we need to sort out and I would really like to get that sorted just so I know where we're sleeping and making sure it all fits together. Once that is done I will be a lot happier and be able to start planning the fun bits, hehe.


Mrs P

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