Monday, 17 August 2015

Africa Alive

Hello again. So this year on our little holiday we went to Africa Alive again. We do it every year but we do that because we love it. We know the park so well now that it only took us a few hours to get round it and see all the animals, but we did get there for when the gates opened.

 I love seeing all the animals but most of all I love seeing the monkeys, they are just so cute. And it was made better by seeing a baby monkey, oh my he / she was just so cute and so tiny I just wanted to take him home and have him. But sadly I can't.

Little Miss P was a bit braver this year as she got really close to two types of goats, one even had small horns. I was so proud of her.

We normally buy lunch in the little cafe there but this year we went back to the car and had lunch that we had made up. We still got our cups of tea and drinks so that we still gave the Zoo money to support them.

We will be going again next year to see how it has grown and to see if any more babies have been born.

Mrs P

Here is Little Miss P's video of the Zoo

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