Monday, 24 August 2015

Keeping track of money

Hello, I fancy doing a few blog posts on here about saving money and keeping track of money. I can start to become a pro at this considering my husband likes to keep track of money... I never used to be like that but now I am. We don't keep track of every single little penny but pretty close to it.

I understand why my husband likes doing it and I understand the advantages of it but sometimes it can do my head in. We are not multimillionaires, we're not even close but we are not on the breadline either. We comfortably just bubbling along each month.

We can afford to pay our mortgage each month and pay all at other bills with a little bit leftover at the end of each month after paying things that we need to.

I would tell you how much our household income is but I'm not going to, not yet anyway.

Mr P and I do like to save money. It's not a load of money at once but it's little bits of money because all the pennies to add up. So here are my top five things to save a little bit of money towards that nice holiday of yours or even just a nice designer bag.

1) First of all we buy value groceries like Value beans, corn flakes, pasta, rice all the essentials that you buy each month.

2) Keep a little notepad in your bag to write down things that you buy with cash... when I buy them I usually forget what I have spent it on otherwise.

3) Set up an Excel spreadsheet, this is mainly the other half (for me anyway) as this is his domain. We can see each month how much we spend on phone bills, food and going out.

4) Anything we have leftover at the end of the month in the bank account goes towards our holiday fund even if it's 10p or even if it's £100 it will go into the holiday fund, then start the new month afresh (this one will give you motivation because you will start seeing your holiday fund going up and up)

5)  Keep bottles of water in your fridge. Every time I have a bottle of water and take it home and we fill it with tap water so when I next go out again I have got a full set with me instead of buying one for 60p.

Mrs P


  1. I shove all my change into a frog money box and that all adds up too x

  2. I do the tip with the water too, I don't see the need to keep buying bottles when we can re-use out old bottles with free (kind of) water!

    We try and save but something always pops up and eats it up. We should definitely try and budget better but we are both so rubbish at is. Spend more than we earn!

    Chelsea |

    1. We use to be like that but now I am saving to try and go to take my Daughter to Disney world. x

  3. We work on a budget too. The important bills are first priority, followed by a carefully planned and regularly tweaked shopping list and whatever is left over is divided between savings and family days out.

    1. That the same as us and it works so well for us

  4. I've found keeping a budget planner certain helps in terms of money! xx