Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Last Day in Year 2

It is Little Miss P's last day in year two, she will no longer be an infant and will be going into the juniors. Oh my goodness that is just crazy, it's crazy how time has flown and she's grown up so much... I can't wait to see how much she can grow over the summer holidays. We have sorted out a learning plan for over the summer just to get prepared for year three as it will be a lot harder than year two was.

I loved reading Little Miss P's school report and some of the things that the teacher said about her were lovely. I kind of knew what they would say about her but I'm just glad that my thoughts were right.

In the teacher's comments the bit that I really liked reading was she often helps others to do the right thing and sets an example to children who need encouragement. It does sound like a little bit of goody two shoes going on. But I've brought her up to be a good  girl and help others, not a little brat that wants all the attention for herself like some of the kids in the class. And her target is - to not be afraid to take risks and see mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

There are bits in the book that make me laugh, it's about the children's behaviour. It goes from A to D with A meaning you have been outstanding and D requires improvement so that means the kids are being little you know whats.  She got A for reading, writing, mathematics and foundation and she got a B for art and PE. I think looking at that she's not really interested in them and I have to say I don't really like the PE teacher, she never smiles. And you can tell that she has her favourite children.

There will be an other part to this so keep an eye out.

Mrs P

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