Sunday, 6 September 2015

Back Into a Routine

It's that time when we start getting back into the routine. Little one has got school in a few days' time and I'm trying to get her back into some form of routine... trying being the operative word!

She's been going to bed late, as late as about 11 o'clock so getting her to sleep by 8 o'clock is proving difficult. She has to be in her room at 7 and I read her bedtime story at 7:30 to try and settle her down for eight. But she's saying she's still quite awake and can't go to sleep.

She's finally been going to sleep at around nine to 9:30. I would still like it to be earlier because otherwise she'll find it hard to wake up in the morning for school and will not feel herself at school. I know I won't be the only mum dealing with this at the moment but it does frustrate me and it is my fault as I should've started it earlier really. Probably a week earlier would've done it. I have one more day before she goes back and I know that tomorrow night it won't be 7:30 now, more like nine, but hopefully after that first day at school she will be knackered and go to bed on time... well that's I'm hoping for anyway!

Mrs P

Here is a little Video of our garden from start to end.  

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  1. Getting children to return to a normal sleeping schedule can be difficult! Looks like you're almost there so kudos to you :) And your garden looks beautiful!