Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Blogging Mojo

Hi everyone, at this moment in time I really don't know what I should be writing about, I've kind of lost my blogging mojo. I think I need to sit down and just read a lot of blogs to get some ideas. Maybe go out for a walk, I don't really know. I can't be the only one that's lost their blogging mojo before, so how do people get back into it?

Okay I'll do a blog post about me losing my blogging mojo and tips on how to get it back, yeah that's what I will do. I better go and do some research on it now and then below this come up with five best ways to get it back.

Tip 1

Go for a nice long walk - there's nothing better than getting some fresh air to get the juices going. I got so many ideas when I went out, just remember to take a little notepad with you.

Tip 2

Sit down in a quiet place, light a candle and read a book, read a few other people's blogs; just read anything really, it will spark a few ideas.

That's all the tips I have really as that is what works for me. Let me know if you have any other tips.

Mrs P

Here is a little video about Little Miss P's year three homework


  1. I totally agree with the nice long walk tip. Whenever I go for a walk with my dog, Alfie, in the woods I always come back refreshed and inspired by all the wildlife and nature around me :)

    Roxie x
    The Beautiful Bluebird

  2. I think we all lose our blogging mojo occasionally and it's good to take some time off to reflect. If I'm organised I like to have a few posts in reserve for when that happens. Book reviews are perfect for this! I hope your blogging mojo returns very soon x

  3. Walking helps me clear my head as well. Great tips.