Sunday, 13 September 2015

Center Parcs - September 2015

Yes we have been to Center Parcs again for the weekend but this time it wasn't so busy. We had a lovely time and only a few of us went, my mum, my sister and her two kids, Mr P and Little Miss P and that was it. It was actually very relaxing.

Well it was relaxing in the day anyway, the evenings it was a different matter that was due to being woken up at 6:30 or something like that in the morning. This was caused by Master Hill and Little Miss P waking up very early and deciding to play in front room.

My mum and my sister got there first thing in the morning on Friday but we had to wait for Summer to finish school and Mr P to finish work, so I got there about 8:30 in the evening. I didn't mind though because we just stayed in the villa that night. Mr P and I did go for a drink after we had taken the car back to the car park and it was quite nice.

The next day we didn't have much to do because I didn't plan much as I wanted to do lots of swimming and we did. We went swimming in the morning and Little Miss P loved that. This is the bravest she has been for a while in the swimming pool going underwater and not hanging on to me for dear life. I was so proud of her but I have to say thanks to Master Hill for that because he is like a little fish.

Also that day we had a meal booked at Huck's, an American-style restaurant. I have to say I definitely think the menu has got shorter from last year so there's not as much to pick from but I did have something new on the Menu and that was a hot dog with nachos and cheese sauce. Oh my it was lovely. And probably very fattening. But I was on holiday so hey-ho.

After Huck's we had a game of bowling. Mr P won as he normally does. And we had a little drink at the bar before taking the kids back for a good sleep.

After swimming we went back to the chalet for a bit of a chillout and Little Hill has got a thing for ducks. Oh my he loves them, he just sits at the window saying that duck duck and giggling away. Oh and on that day 5th September it was my sister's birthday, that's why we are there to start with. I think she had a lovely day.

Mrs P

Here is a little video of our center parcs fun


  1. I have never been to Center Parcs but would love to take the kiddoes there.

    1. Its great and great for the kids as well as your self

  2. I've never been to Center Parcs but I've always wanted to go for some relaxation! Great post :)