Sunday, 20 September 2015

Next - Blogger

I am part of the Next blogger network and have never done anything with them before. I thought I would join so I could get some ideas when my mind can't work out what sort of blog post to do.

And today was one of them so I signed in and found this cute outfit. As you may know Little Miss P has her own blog now so I thought this would be perfect for her.

I am gutted that they don't do it in a big size, the top is from 3mths - 6yrs and Little Miss P is 7 yrs. It comes in a lovely Dark grey colour Long Sleeved tee. I still might need to buy this for someone as it's so cute.

The skirt works so well with the outfit and it looks like a great party skirt.

 But Next have come up good and got a bigger girl's blogger Light Grey Top with sequin details. I have just ordered it for her and it will be here by Friday, woohoo. I think this will really suit her with a dark pair of jeans for the Autumn / Winter.

I wonder if they do an adult's one of these or maybe one like it. If so I might need to get one for myself.

Mrs P


  1. I'm a Next blogger too! They are great for inspo when you are stuck for ideas!


  2. Oh how cute is that tope I want one in a large size too ! k x