Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September Goals

September Goals 

So it's been a rainy August, let's hope that September will bring us a bit more sunshine.

August Goals

1) Have a great birthday party for Little Miss P

2) Take Little Miss P swimming 

3) Enjoy the summer holidays and make the most of it 

4) Do lots of cooking with Little Miss P 


1) Keep working on doing that 1% extra 

2) Try and get ahead on my filming for YouTube

3) Enjoy reading my book and finish it once and for all

                                                             4)  Lose a bit weight 

                                                                5) Sort out my wardrobe


Mrs P

Head over to she got a link all about goals and its a great to other. 


  1. You have some great goals here. Good luck x

  2. What book is it that you are trying to finish?