Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Where did August go?

Where did August go? We are now at the start of September and it feels like I have blinked and missed the summer... it doesn't help that it has rained most of August.

The summer holidays for us were filled with a little holiday to Kessingland, birthday parties, lots of cooking at home, making cakes, learning our times tables and seeing some of the family as well.

The thing that stands out for me this summer holiday is how much Little Miss P has grown up. Not just because she has grown in height (though her legs have got very long and I will probably have trouble with her when she's older with the boys... But that's not yet luckily).

It's her character that's grown up as well this holiday as she seems to have turned from a very young girl into just a little bit of an older girl and is more independent. She's starting to work out what she wants to do instead of me having to encourage her to do something. She seems to be really focused on her little YouTube channel that she has worked on and has lots of ideas for it. She wanted to work on her maths and her English during the holiday without any help from me which is nice. She evens goes downstairs in the morning and does some work before I have even woken up.

I can't wait to see what this school year brings for her to see if she thrives, I hope she does and I think she is willing to as well, so that always helps.

I'm sure I will keep you updated through out her school year and I'm sure she'll do little snippets over on her blog too.

Mrs P

Here is just me having a little chat

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