Monday, 12 October 2015

Why are girls so bitchy?

Why can young girls as young as seven be so bitchy, and put each other down all the time. 

They always just want to be better than their friends instead of trying to help their friends and they try and get one over on them. I've tried to teach Little Miss P that if you can't say anything nice don't say it at all, but then she just comes home and tells me what all the kids have said... like on the way home from drama today here is the situation for you...

I was walking up with a few of our friends on the way home from drama, her friend was on her scooter and asked her if she wanted to race. Little Miss P said no then her friend said its because you just don't want to lose, then she came over to me and said 'she told me I was stupid'. I didn't hear the conversation so I don't actually know if that was said. Little girl said she didn't say that. I  just said ignore each other, don't talk to each other for the rest the day I can't be asked with the pathetic arguing and putting each other down.

Who knows who was telling the truth in that situation but I wish Little Miss P would stand up for herself a little bit instead of saying 'that person said this' and 'that person said that'.

It's just not little seven year old girls that do this, people my age at 29 still do this and I have done this myself but I try and stop myself before I say anything now.

Love Mrs P

Monday, 5 October 2015

First Weekend of Dancing Competition

Yes we had the first day of Little Miss P's dance competition and I have to say she did so well for her first day. She had two dances she had to do, the first one was a ballet duet with her friend Keili, of course they got 1st and were both so happy. It was great seeing their little faces when they got their medal.

The second dance was a quartet modern with her friends Poppie, Sidney and Penny. They all looked so cute in their bright pink outfit, pigtails and white head bands, you just wanna squeeze them. In the photo above this is their dance teacher that taught them the dance, Tallulah. They all gave her a massive hug when they came off. When I was watching it I have to say it wasn't the best they have done that dance, it was a little bit messy but as they weren't up against many others they got first too.

So the first weekend overall she had two dances and got first in both of them. In the weekend coming up she's got her song & dance solo that has about 10 children in so I'm not expecting her to win that one and I think she isn't either. She also has a lyrical trio with Poppie and Sydney, I'm not sure how many are in that category but it's a great dance and they look beautiful in what they're wearing.

Mrs P

Here is a little chatting video of what I thought about the first weekend of the Dancing Competition

Sunday, 4 October 2015

October Goals


1) Keep working on doing that 1% extra 

2) Try and get ahead on my filming for YouTube

3) Enjoy reading my book and finish it once and for all 

   4)  Lose a bit of weight 

       5) Sort out my wardrobe

OK so September wasn't a good month... I don't know why but it wasn't so I just need to get back with it.

Hello October, what will you bring to me...

...other than three weeks of madness dance competitions for Little Miss P, that is! With me feeling very nervous for her and her not really feeling nervous at all, making sure that I have her make up bag, dancing shoes, her dance outfit and money for McDonald's afterwards are all ready. And about three bottles of drink (no alcohol for me sadly, only water hehe). 

I also hope that you will bring lots of Halloween fun like making pumpkins and maybe some sort of Halloween cookie thing, not sure yet about that one, but maybe. Also it will be fun to see the family  go out kicking through the leaves and collecting conquers.


1) Get ahead on my filming for YouTube

2) Get through Little Miss P's dance competitions without pulling my hair out or any crying from anyone

3) Get ahead of Christmas shopping 

Mrs P

Weekly Vlog x