Sunday, 4 October 2015

October Goals


1) Keep working on doing that 1% extra 

2) Try and get ahead on my filming for YouTube

3) Enjoy reading my book and finish it once and for all 

   4)  Lose a bit of weight 

       5) Sort out my wardrobe

OK so September wasn't a good month... I don't know why but it wasn't so I just need to get back with it.

Hello October, what will you bring to me...

...other than three weeks of madness dance competitions for Little Miss P, that is! With me feeling very nervous for her and her not really feeling nervous at all, making sure that I have her make up bag, dancing shoes, her dance outfit and money for McDonald's afterwards are all ready. And about three bottles of drink (no alcohol for me sadly, only water hehe). 

I also hope that you will bring lots of Halloween fun like making pumpkins and maybe some sort of Halloween cookie thing, not sure yet about that one, but maybe. Also it will be fun to see the family  go out kicking through the leaves and collecting conquers.


1) Get ahead on my filming for YouTube

2) Get through Little Miss P's dance competitions without pulling my hair out or any crying from anyone

3) Get ahead of Christmas shopping 

Mrs P

Weekly Vlog x

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