Wednesday, 18 November 2015

We have a Christmas tree up.

We have one of our Christmas trees up, yes one of them... we have three Christmas trees in our house; one in our porch by the front door that the other half got from work, a medium sized snowing one it's really cute, the second one is the main one that's in our front room where Father Christmas leaves all the presents under and lastly Little Miss P has a pink one in her room that Father Christmas usually leaves one present under for when she wakes up in the morning.

I absolutely love Christmas and last year I didn't really get into it. I felt a little bit bad for myself and my family, I felt like I let Christmas down but I'm not going to do that this year. I have already got quite a few presents for everyone, there are of course still some I need to get but I have got all my wrapping paper and I think I have most of my cards now. Hopefully in a few weekends' time I will have my main Christmas tree up with the lights on and pretty ball balls, I  just can't wait.

Usually by now I have all my Christmas trees up and so does my stepsister... actually I don't think she's got hers up either yet as it just hasn't been cold enough but it's definitely getting cold now. As I write this little blog I'm really excited for Christmas, I actually might just go up in the loft tonight and get the Christmas tree down. Not entirely sure whether the other half will be happy about that but hey ho, never mind.

As time goes on in the month I'm hoping to do some more Christmassy posts because I enjoy writing about it.

Mrs P

Here is little Miss P dance outfits if you fancy taking a look.

Monday, 16 November 2015

John Lewis Advert

Yep it's that time of year again, it's the John Lewis advert. I've done this for the past two years and I actually kind of enjoy doing them. I like to give my review on the advert because everyone loves the John Lewis adverts. If I remember correctly I wasn't so keen on last year's one but the one before that I absolutely loved.

I'm guessing by now everyone has seen the new John Lewis advert so what do you all think?
I have to say it's still not my favourite one, this year John Lewis have done their advert where a little girl finds the man on the moon and she wants to give him a present because the man is on his own. It is lovely and sweet but at first I didn't understand it... to me adverts are meant to promote the store and what are they having at Christmas and this really didn't.

I understand that they are reminding us not to forget the elderly this year, and it is a really sweet and caring advert, and it could bring a little tear to your eye.

It didn't help that the day after I first saw it one of my friends put on Facebook that the old man has a telescope so he can perv on the girl. So now when I'm watching the advert that is what pops up in my head and it kind of makes me laugh.

So let me know what you think about the John Lewis advert. I'm in two minds about it, I like it but I don't entirely get it, especially from a brand perspective. Still my best one has to be from two years' ago. I don't think they can beat it for me.

Here is this year John Lewis Advert 

And this is the one I really like

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I will never be a size 8 again

Yep I will probably never be a size 8 again.
When I was younger before I had Little Miss P I was a skinny mini size 8. Well a size 6 to 8 anyway. I would roll my shirt up to show off my bellybutton bar and of course my flat tummy. But I did walk everywhere and worked most of the time... I just didn't sit still.

After that Little Miss P was born and I was made redundant from my job so I didn't even have one to go back to. So I thought I would be a stay at home mum and I have loved every single little bit of it. But that does mean I don't do as much moving around as I used to, so I now have a mummy belly (well that's what I call it anyway). I know that Little Miss P is now seven and I still call it my baby fat but who am I kidding, I'm just a bit podgy round the sides, at the top of my legs and my bottom. One thing I have liked is that I have put weight on my boobs so my boobs are slightly bigger than they were.

I am really starting to hate my body and the way I look and that would make me worse because I'd eat because I wasn't happy and I'll put on more weight because I was eating more. Also it doesn't help when my husband makes silly sarky comments about my weight and that was leading me to eat more and then put on more weight... it was a vicious circle. There is no getting away from it, I love my chocolate, I've always loved my chocolate and I will never stop loving my chocolate. But maybe I can just eat a little bit less of it.

I am just going to be happy with my body, whatever shape and size it is.

Mrs P

Me while I had baby Little Miss P in my tummy

Monday, 9 November 2015

I have a job

Well I have a new job. I've been doing it for the past week and it's official title is Midday Meals Play Leader... in other words I am a dinner lady!

I haven't been doing much in my first week, I've mostly been helping out in the dinner hall making sure the little reception kids are okay and taking their plates to the table without dropping it all over the floor. I get to eat some of the cook's leftover dinner because most of the just want to quickly go and play, I don't blame them though. I'm trying to encourage the kids to eat their main lunch first and not go straight to desert. I'm guessing we all did this when we were younger... if you had your lunch in front of you, you would always be tempted to go for the desert first. 

And I have also been out in the infant playground. They are actually really sweet kids. I even taught one of them how to skip, I have to say I'm pretty proud of that.

I am enjoying it so far but as I said it's only been a week so let's see what the up-and-coming week brings me. I'm only on a six month contract so I don't know what will happen after that. I don't need the money, that's not why I'm doing it, I'm doing it to actually get me back out there because I have to say that being at home all the time is kind of lonely.

I will keep you updated on how it's going.

Mrs P

My new job video, hope you like it.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

November Goals


1) Get ahead on my filming for YouTube

2) Get through Little Miss P's dance competitions without pulling my hair out or any crying from anyone

3) Get ahead of Christmas shopping 

Well October was alright, I did most of the things that I wanted to do.

Hello November...
...what have you got planned for me? I don't think you have much planned other than starting my new job as a Midday Meals Play Leader and finding out a way to fit everything in. Whilst still working on my blog and YouTube and of course all the Christmas fun that I hope will be coming my way.


1)  Get through my job for a month without any stressing out

2) Have a positive month

3) Finish reading my book that I have already taken 8 months to read

Mrs P

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It's been a busy one

It's the 1st of November and it feels like ages since I have sat down with my Laptop to write a blog post.

And you know what, it actually feels really good because I've missed it. I've missed just sitting down and putting my thoughts on paper (well, Laptop). So I thought that this blog post will just be what I've been up to over the last two weeks, oh my I can't believe it's been two weeks. It has been fun and have had some new experiences involved.

I will start with half term week. The other half had a week off work so on Friday straight after school we went down to Devon to see my sister-in-law and her family... I love the part of Devon they live in. The views are to die for and you can even look up at the night sky and see stars.Where we live we don't see stars because there's too much light pollution. That's one of the downsides of living in the city.

We left it too late to book accommodation so we stayed two days with the other half's parents in their caravan they have near his sister, and two nights on the floor in the front room with his sister so that Little Miss P can have as much fun with her cousins as she can. She certainly did that with Miss R and Miss A. So much fun that she was absolutely knackered on the way home but that's what I wanted for our five hour journey home, with the little stop off at Little Chef for a bit of dinner.

Whilst we were there we went to a little model village because it was Halloween themed. It's not my sort of thing I have to say, but it was okay. My favourite bit was the burning man on the street. I am guessing it was because it's coming up to fireworks night. It's basically a miniature one and it was really sweet (if you can really call a burning wicker man sweet). The main thing for me when I go down there is just to relax and take in the scenery and of course get my cream tea at Dartmeet.

On the last day we had some time on our own just as a family. Mr P really wanted to go to Becky Falls, which if you don't know is a pretty waterfall in the moors. You have to go in and pay to see it but there are also animals to see and  some food as well. There are three walks you can do at different levels of difficulty and we did all three of them. I am very impressed with how Little Miss P did and she had to climb over the boulders and up a very steep hill. In fact Little Miss P did better than me... at the end of the steep hill I was so out of breath it was ridiculous, and halfway up I think I might of said I'm going to kill you to the other half for making me do this walk. But by the time I got up there and got my breath back I was kind of thankful for him picking it as I am so out of shape now it's just not healthy. And I should really be doing more walks like that.

We got back home on Tuesday evening. Wednesday it was just a day of rest, washing on, just doing bits around the house. Thursday we had a lovely wedding to go to, Helen and Nasser's, and it was a lovely wedding, very small with only about 30 people in a lovely hotel in Southend. Helen looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and of course Nasser looked very dapper in his suit. Little Miss P was the other star of the show being the only kid there other than the baby. She did her song and dance at the top table and was actually being a little social butterfly, one minute she was next to me the next she is off talking to someone else, it was very sweet and I haven't actually seen her like that before. I think dancing and drama is bringing out her confidence.

The rest of the week was just getting the house back to normal but it felt like it had been a while. It actually wasn't, I'm not entirely sure where the rest of the week went but on the Friday I definitely know that Little Miss P and I caught up on some reading and just having some mummy and Little Miss P time. It was lovely, we didn't do much but it was lovely and just what I needed and what she needed. On Saturday it was Halloween, I will do a different blog for that, and on Sunday my mum took Little Miss P to Colchester Zoo which of course she loved.

So that is what happened in the half term. It felt so good writing this as I have had a bit of a blogging downer but I now feel like I'm back on top of it.

Mrs P

Here is a little video of A Small Haul 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Christmas at Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop

Christmas at Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop
By Jenny Colgan

Rosie Hopkins is waiting excitedly for Christmas in the Derbyshire village of Lipton. Her sweet shop in festooned with striped candy cane, piles of Turkish Delight and happy, sticky children. She's going to be spending it with her whole family and boyfriend Stephen.

But when tragedy strikes at the heart of their community, Rosie's plans for the future collapse. Can she build a life in Lipton? And is what's best for the sweet shop also what's best for Rosie?

My View

I love, love, love, this book, it's got that cozy feeling about it and it's great to read to get you in a little bit of a Christmas mood. It really was a fantastically enjoyable book. I never knew this book was a 2nd one, but it can be read independently as I did. I didn't find out it was 2nd one until I looked on Amazon. It has plenty of things going on and contains some very odd, interesting characters. It flows well and is easy to read and keep on reading.

A series of events threaten the livelihood of the village as well as her relationship with Stephen - will they all live happily ever after? Of course they all live happily ever after... It's that type of book where you know before you even read the book that it'll be a happily ever after.

As I've already said I love this book and would say go and buy it and read it.

Mrs P