Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I will never be a size 8 again

Yep I will probably never be a size 8 again.
When I was younger before I had Little Miss P I was a skinny mini size 8. Well a size 6 to 8 anyway. I would roll my shirt up to show off my bellybutton bar and of course my flat tummy. But I did walk everywhere and worked most of the time... I just didn't sit still.

After that Little Miss P was born and I was made redundant from my job so I didn't even have one to go back to. So I thought I would be a stay at home mum and I have loved every single little bit of it. But that does mean I don't do as much moving around as I used to, so I now have a mummy belly (well that's what I call it anyway). I know that Little Miss P is now seven and I still call it my baby fat but who am I kidding, I'm just a bit podgy round the sides, at the top of my legs and my bottom. One thing I have liked is that I have put weight on my boobs so my boobs are slightly bigger than they were.

I am really starting to hate my body and the way I look and that would make me worse because I'd eat because I wasn't happy and I'll put on more weight because I was eating more. Also it doesn't help when my husband makes silly sarky comments about my weight and that was leading me to eat more and then put on more weight... it was a vicious circle. There is no getting away from it, I love my chocolate, I've always loved my chocolate and I will never stop loving my chocolate. But maybe I can just eat a little bit less of it.

I am just going to be happy with my body, whatever shape and size it is.

Mrs P

Me while I had baby Little Miss P in my tummy


  1. I love the honesty of this post, it takes a lot of guts to publicly post about your insecurities, but I'm sure you have nothing to worry about!

  2. It's not about your size it's about how you feel about yourself, if you love chocolate eat it (I know I do!) I think you still look great though, x