Wednesday, 18 November 2015

We have a Christmas tree up.

We have one of our Christmas trees up, yes one of them... we have three Christmas trees in our house; one in our porch by the front door that the other half got from work, a medium sized snowing one it's really cute, the second one is the main one that's in our front room where Father Christmas leaves all the presents under and lastly Little Miss P has a pink one in her room that Father Christmas usually leaves one present under for when she wakes up in the morning.

I absolutely love Christmas and last year I didn't really get into it. I felt a little bit bad for myself and my family, I felt like I let Christmas down but I'm not going to do that this year. I have already got quite a few presents for everyone, there are of course still some I need to get but I have got all my wrapping paper and I think I have most of my cards now. Hopefully in a few weekends' time I will have my main Christmas tree up with the lights on and pretty ball balls, I  just can't wait.

Usually by now I have all my Christmas trees up and so does my stepsister... actually I don't think she's got hers up either yet as it just hasn't been cold enough but it's definitely getting cold now. As I write this little blog I'm really excited for Christmas, I actually might just go up in the loft tonight and get the Christmas tree down. Not entirely sure whether the other half will be happy about that but hey ho, never mind.

As time goes on in the month I'm hoping to do some more Christmassy posts because I enjoy writing about it.

Mrs P

Here is little Miss P dance outfits if you fancy taking a look.


  1. That tree looks lovely! My boyfriends nan has a similar one and i think they really make a home more christmasy. We always had a real one when i was a kid but since moving out with my boyfriend we've just had plastic ones. Fingers crossed for a real one this year!

    1. I would love real one because of the small of them,