Thursday, 31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015

Goodbye 2015
 What can I say about you, what did you bring me this past year? For me personally it's kind of just been a bobbing along year where things have kind of just stayed the same and that's not a bad thing I kind of needed this year just to be straightforward. That was until the beginning of November where you gave me a job at my local school as a midday play assistant (well, dinner lady)... it's only a six month contract so in July let's see where your friend 2016 takes that for me.

I have been happily carrying on with my blog, I still really enjoy it even though halfway through the year my mind went a little blank and I couldn't think of anything to write. But I soon found my way again. As I look over my blog for the past year I wrote one about What I would say to my Teenage self. I really like that blog post and had fun reading over it again.

It was my Mum's 50th back in February and we went to the Aqua Shard for breakfast, it was lovely even though we found a hair in my mum's food, but the views were lovely looking down over London. Also Little Miss P had her KS1 test and she did well so the hard work she put in did pay off. Just still need to work on the spellings and reading. In April we took my mum to Disneyland Paris as part of her birthday gift, it was a fun time if not a little stressful at some parts. In April we did a lot of work to our Garden and it looks so much better now and it feels like it has a lot more room to play in.

I started to do Avon back in June just for a little but of extra money and I am doing OK with it. We had our annual Garden BBQ party where we invited family and friends to come over for our joint birthday party. Also around that time we had a little week away in Kessingland and in August Little Miss P said goodbye to being in year Two. In September she said hello to year Three meaning she is now in the Juniors, how time flies. The weekend after being back to school for just for one week we went to Center Parcs for the weekend for my sister's birthday.

Also this year Little Miss P has had two dance competitions and has just been a great girl this year, really trying hard with everything she has done, from dancing to school. I hope that she can continue that in 2016.

I will miss you 2015 but can't wait to see what 2016 will bring.

Mrs P


  1. Sounds like a lovely year! Happy 2016!

  2. Sound like a lovely year :) Happy New Year.

    Thanks for joining me at the weekend blog hop.