Monday, 7 December 2015

Main Tree up.

Oh yes, our big Christmas tree is up and is in the front room this year. Actually it's in the front room every year and it has seemed that we have started a new tradition. Little Miss P and I put up the Christmas tree up together as it's a busy time of year for Mr P with work and his music... we don't really see him that much so me and Little Miss P do it. Now we've put up the Christmas tree and decorations for him to see when he gets home.

I loved it this year with Little Miss P helping me as she is that bit bigger now. And she's a lot more independent as well this year, she really wanted to put the Father Christmas on top of the tree and she did. We do still need to buy chocolates for our tree but I'm waiting till December for that because they will be eaten very quickly, not just by Little Miss P but I will also eat them. I just can't say no to chocolate.

We've got a 6 foot slimline tree at the moment and I think we got it last year because our other one just completely fell apart. We did have it for the past 9 years before this tree so it was time it came to its end.

Do you have your tree up or not yet. My mum leaves it till the last minute and puts it down as soon as she can. That might be because she's got all her Grandkids over and a lot of them like to go for the baubles and knock the tree over.

Mrs P

Here is a little video of our time in Devon
Hope you enjoy it

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  1. My mum always gets the tree up on the 1st December as a little family tradition within our home