Thursday, 7 January 2016

2016 Goals

It's 2016 so as I do every year, here are my Goals.

I will be doing it differently this year as I am going into real detail on each one and setting myself up monthly tasks to get to my biggest Goals. But for now I will keep it simple.

1) Keep up-to-date with my blog post and YouTube channel. It seems easy but it's really not. I couldn't keep it up last year (2015) so this year I hope I can.

2) By the end of 2016 I would love to earn £1,000 a month, not sure how that's going to happen at the moment but it's an aspiration.

3) Get up the website that I have been thinking about for the past two years and just haven't done anything about. This will be a little family project.

4) Carry on having a happy little family and spending time with each other.

Mrs P

Here is a video of our Disney On Ice fun x


  1. I think those are great aspirations for the year - I feel your pain in not keeping up with blog posts haha

    - Cassie

  2. Those are some great goals! Good luck with them :)

    Telina | Love, Telina