Monday, 4 January 2016

Center Parcs 2015 - Winter Wonderland

I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older or it is just getting worse. I love Center Parcs I've always loved it. I have learnt to ride my bike there and had lots of family fun and probably learnt to do a lot more when I was there, I just can't remember what right now. I have always loved it but this year I am not so sure.

We went to Center Parcs on Friday evening, we met Mr P from work to go straight from there yet we got there in really good time and my family was already there. We got our bags in and had a bit of food. After food we watched a few TV programmes and went to bed. We didn't book a lot as it is actually getting really expensive... you could probably go on a holiday abroad for the price of Center Parcs. It makes me crazy just thinking about it.

We booked an Elf Hunt where you make an Elf and she gives you a guide on what to do and at the end you find another Elf who gives you a chocolate lolly. It's a lovely little thing to do if it's not raining, just make sure you take an umbrella as it's mostly outside. Little Miss P and her cousin seemed to enjoy it and it was nice watching them do it. We also booked pottery. I picked a Father Christmas bowl and Little Miss P picked a small butterfly, just due to the fact that it's actually so expensive because you have to pay for the pot as well as the table space. I am sure they used to take the money off the pots that you put down for the table. They are the only things we booked.

The thing that I loved the most was swimming and we did lots of swimming, which is also the only free thing. I asked Little Miss P what she wanted to do and she said swimming so I'm very grateful to her for saying that! Little Miss P can now swim underwater... above water is still a bit of a problem, but we're getting there.

Not really sure what else to say about Center Parcs today.

Mrs P

Center Parcs Holiday 2015


  1. looks like you had a good time. I for one have never been to Center Parcs but hopefully will do one day! xx

  2. Heard so much about this place. I need to plan a visit.