Monday, 11 January 2016

Day in London

We had a lovely two days in London. It was a treat from Father Christmas (well, Mr P) and it was fantastic.

It all started on 2nd January where we had three tickets to go and see the Nutcracker on Ice and the other half got us amazing seats, we were looking down on everything. The ice skaters are brilliant and some of the moves they did scared the hell out of me as their faces went to close the blades. It could've been the end of their life but they are all amazing to watch. One of my favourite characters was the granny who was absolutely hilarious. She didn't have a main role or anything but she is one that stood out for me. It was at the Royal Albert Hall and it was the first time that little one has been there and I think she was amazed at the scale of the hall. But so am I every time I walk in there, it is just an amazing venue.

After the Nutcracker we went off to find our hotel, The Doubletree Hilton, Docklands Riverside. You had to get a little Riverboat over to it that goes every 10 mins from Canary Wharf. Mr P booked a lovely room for us, it was an Junior suite overlooking the river and right in front of us was Canary Wharf. Even though we was in the centre of London you overlook the river from the balcony, it was so peaceful you could've been anywhere. The hotel we stayed at gets extra brownie points from me and Little Miss P as when we arrived we got some free cookies, warm and gooey inside and they were so tasty.

That evening my mum met us at the hotel near Canary Wharf just for a bit of dinner, it was over the other side of the river so we had to get the boats back over to the restaurant. It was completely empty due to the fact that Canary Wharf area isn't busy at the weekends so it was lovely. And we all like a Zizzi in our family and for the first time in ages Summer actually ate her whole starter, main and dessert... she must've been hungry!

After that we just ended up going back to the hotel and in our room just chilling out watching a bit of telly and enjoying the views. I ended up going to sleep at about 11 but Little Miss P and Mr P ended up going to bed about 11.30ish. I did remember waking up in the night a few times and just looking out over London. It's a lovely hotel and wouldn't mind going back to it some point.

Mrs P


  1. Oooh I love iceskating. Maybe I should have a look into that! I stayed at Brighton Hilton this WE and I did not get warm, fresh and gooey cookies :(( I absolutely love the photo you took from the hotel room, that would be such a good pix ad for them (cozy for a child and her soft toy, while outside lights make the perfect city view!!)

  2. This sounds lovely! I love London at this time of year and at Christmas time :)

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird